Experienced, Effective Leadership and Executive Advising

Experienced, Effective Leadership and Executive AdvisingExperienced, Effective Leadership and Executive AdvisingExperienced, Effective Leadership and Executive Advising

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Bentley Consulting Group, LLC was founded for the purpose of leveraging three decades of corporate and government experience into a  dynamic consulting firm focused on developing high performing organizations, teams and leaders.  An outstanding track record of sales success, healthcare leadership and community service provides a solid foundation for advising our clients to become powerful influencers to their colleagues and their communities. Our consulting and coaching services are designed to empower you and your teams by providing tools to succeed both personally and professionally.

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your barriers, and put you and your organization on a solid track to success.

Our Approach

All of our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each client and to deliver high value, exceeding expectations every time.

Our methodology includes a comprehensive assessment to  identify your needs, help identify gaps and opportunities, and a thorough analysis that includes a plan with clear outcomes, timelines and milestones.  Our process provides actionable feedback, tailored guidance and long-term accountability. 

Additionally, we understand that organizations may have complex needs that require  expertise in addition to the solutions we offer.  Therefore, our business model operates in a "hub and spoke" framework where we have a network of highly qualified partners specializing in:

  •  project management
  •  change management 
  • strategic planning
  • human resources/organizational design 
  •  marketing
  • training & development

 This model allows our clients to receive high quality service delivery without the hassle of managing multiple contracts, through a firm with whom you have already developed trust.

Who We Work With


 Executives  who recognize the need for a conscious strategy to shape their corporate culture, rather than having it defined for them through Glassdoor or Facebook.  Our process helps them learn how to more effectively engage and mobilize their teams.

 Organizations desiring to improve their reputation, designing solutions to exceed customer expectations.

Buyers, performing human capital due diligence in preparation for merger or acquisition.

 Senior leaders transitioning into new roles, providing solutions that enable them to become effective faster.

Physician executives, helping them navigate the currents of change in healthcare.

 Female executives, helping them overcome barriers to achieving career breakthroughs.

Professionals who are at a career crossroads, helping them tap into their unknown potential.

The results:

  • Improved working relationships with direct reports, immediate supervisors, peers.
  • Drive value in M&A transactions.
  • Better teamwork
  • Greater job satisfaction
  •  Reduction in conflicts
  • Improved organizational commitment
  • Stronger relationships with external customers
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved organizational strength
  • Customer service excellence and reduced customer complaints
  • Increased employee retention, especially among those receiving coaching
  • Cost reduction and bottom line profitability

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